Changan, HUAWEI, CATL     DATE: 2023-03-29 02:53:39

Shanghai (Gasgoo)-At the 2022 Chongqing International Auto Exhibition kicking off on June 25, AVATR, a high-end intelligent EV brand co-built by Changan Automobile, HUAWEI, and CATL, launched its smart EV technology platform “CHN”, according to a post on CATL's WeChat account.


The CHN platform integrates the advantages of Changan Automobile, HUAWEI, and CATL in smart manufacturing of complete vehicles, intelligent vehicle solutions, and smart energy ecosystem. It is an evolvable and highly scalable platform that can give cars high performance, long range, strong computing power, high intelligence, and reliable safety features, said CATL.

Changan, HUAWEI, CATL-backed AVATR launches CHN smart EV tech platform

AVATR 11; photo credit: CATL

The new platform will support the development of vehicles with a wheelbase of up to 3,100mm, and be compatible with various vehicle types like sedans, SUVs, MPVs, and crossovers. Both two-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive layouts can be generated on this platform.

CATL said it endowed the CHN platform with its capabilities of batteries, energy management, and charging network.

The first model based on the CHN platform, the AVATR 11, was showcased at the same time.

The AVATR 11 will be powered by CATL's CTP (cell-to-pack) ternary battery pack, which allows two CLTC-rated range options, 680km and 555km. Assisted by a 750V high-voltage platform, the vehicle can get 200km of range on a 10-minute charge.

According to Tan Benhong, Chairman and CEO of Avatar Technology, the AVATR 11 and a limited edition, the AVATR 011, will hit the market on August 8, and are expected for delivery this year.